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REdefining STIMulation


High Rate Hydrocarbon Recovery


Low Permeable Reservoirs

Electro-Static Pulse Stimulation

Technology & Process


Introducing ESP Stimulation

The industry recognizes that under current practices there are two primary conditions within hydrocarbon bearing formations that must be met to be viable for commercial production of oil and gas. The two most important conditions are permeability and formation fluid drive pressure. There is a vast amount of known oil and gas resources still in place that cannot be commercially produced because these conditions are not met using current completion, stimulation and production methods; namely, multi-stage hydraulic fracking of horizontal wells (MFHW).

The Elector-Static Pulse Stimulation Process is a disruptive technology change that overcomes the current MFHW limitations. The ESP Stimulation Process induces a highly conductive matrix permeability and an over-pressured formation fluid drive condition to dramatically enhance oil and gas production from known reservoir and source rocks, including currently non-commercial hydrocarbon prospective formations. The unique attributes of the ESP Stimulation Process provide the potential to generate highly profitable production from any formation that is known to contain hydrocarbons in place.


Higher Production Efficiency

Full Matrix Permeability

Natural Release of Hydrocarbons in Place

Natural In Situ Proppant

Natural Over-Pressure Drive

Seismic Source

Only Needs Vertical Wells

No Water or Chemicals

No Proppant Added

Reduced Footprint

Reduced Time and Cost

Lower Emissions

The ESP Stimulation Process is an economically disruptive step change technology that also provides a large and demonstrative reduction in the environmental impact when stimulating Oil and Gas wells... 

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