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ESP Stimulation

The technology of generating permeability in rock formations with an electro-static pulse is not new; however, the current commercially available state-of-the-art technology has a low energy density, and consequently, is not suitable for economically significant down-hole formation stimulation.

ReStimCo Limited has developed an upgraded high energy density submerged electrical arc discharge system. The system is comprised of a coiled tubing unit, a controlled pulsed power system and a downhole electric arc emitter device.

ESP Stim 2.png

ESP Stimulation Process

The tubing unit transmits the energy to the downhole emitter that produces very powerful, highly focused, supersonic speed shaped shock wave packets that cut through the casing, cement and radially penetrates the formation. These electro-static shock wave packets disintegrate the formation to a granular state in a discoid shaped region that is highly permeable and conductive as a means for the formation fluids to flow towards the wellbore.


The stacking the discoids forms a "layer cake" configuration with he overburden induces a forced formation fluid overpressure condition that efficiently drives the formation fluids into the wellbore.

ESP Stim 05.png

Engineered Production

The ESP Stimulation Process can be used to "engineer" the well production rate and ultimate recovery for individual wells within oil and gas basins containing stacked formations and compartmentalized individual formations. Generating two discoids every vertical meter, starting at the lowest point in the stacked formation and continuing upward to the top of the target formation group, the production rate can be dynamically measured until a target production rate has been achieved. The energy applied to forming the discoids would generate an engineered discoid diameter. The vertical spacing and radial extend of the discoid cake would generate a large cylindrical volume of highly conductive dynamic matrix permeability. As can be imagined, the likely result of generating this large volume of matrix permeability would be a large increase of the ultimate recovery produced from the stimulated matrix volume.


The potential value capture for utilizing the ESP Stimulation Process is a function of two factors; 

       a) the number of discoids generated in the vertically stacked formation; and

       b) the diameter of each discoid generated by the high energy pulses.

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